Weekly Review

Weekly Review

For getting things done, I like the mental model of the pilot, the airplane, and the engineer.

The pilot sets the course: our goals and our direction. He/she decides the plan for the day based on internal desires and external realities. I’m usually a pilot at the start and the end of my day. Setting daily goals, checking my calendar, and scheduling the tasks into my calendar. But also making sure that the actual output is useful and aligned with your overarching desires and goals. You should spend around 5% to 10% of your time in this mode.

The plane executes the orders of the pilot: taking off safely, staying on course, and landing safely. You want to be in this mode 85% of the time.

The engineer maintains the systems: keeping everything organized and making sure that the pilot and the plane can do their best job. From time to time, the engineer also thinks about upgrades: increasing our speed, capacity, and safety. Another 5% to 10% in this mode.

In this post, I’d like to present my weekly review. The weekly review is part of the engineer's job. Doing the regular maintenance, checking all the bolts, but also giving the pilot some overarching weekly goals which get broken down into daily goals.

For my personal notes, I use Bear; for research, I recently started using Roam Research. The links with double square brackets ( [[Note]]) link to another note in my note-taking system.
You can find the weekly review below and the markdown here on GitHub.

📆🧘 Weekly Review Template

Date & Time

If possible, change your physical environment to allow for a context-switch. At home: work from a different room, play different background music, etc.

🔚 Review

🥅 Goals

A goal is a recognizable, desired state in the future, that causes you to act differently in the present in order to realize it.

  • [ ] Read previous weekly review
    Did I accomplish my previous goals? What did go right? What did go wrong? In which category (of my monthly and yearly planning) do those goals fit?

🗄 Project Goals

Did I accomplish my previous project goals?

  • [ ] [[📙✍️ Project 1 - Logbook]]
  • [ ] [[📘🔬 Project 2 - Logbook]]
  • [ ] [[📕🌅 Project 3 - Logbook]]
  • [ ] [[📗🏋️‍♂️ Personal Operations - Logbook]]


  • [ ] Read Daily Affirmations
  • [ ] Review Logbooks
    Any valuable lessons learned?

🍀 The Four Domains

👯‍♀️ Friends & Fun / Relationships

Did I take care of my relationships? How? Was something missing?

🎭 Mental Health

How did I feel during the week? Did I take care of my mental health?
Mood tracker: Which patterns can I detect? What can I do about it?

🏋️‍♂️ Physical Health

Did I exercise? Did I enjoy it?

💵 Money / Material Stuff

Am I being reasonable with my money? Any chance for passive income?
[[🛒📱 Bought Items - Review]]

🎆 Which Great Things Happened this Week?

📰 Best Story of the Week?

⚠️ What Should I Avoid in the Future? What could be adjusted?

How much of this week did I spend on stuff that was truly my comparative advantage? For everything else, how can I get out of the loop?

🧮 Applied Rationality

Did I make use of the technique of the week? Where & when?

📚 Reading

Am I following my reading routine? If not, schedule an evening for reading. Murphy Jitsu it.

🛏 Sleeping

How’s my sleeping routine?

🎊 Any new Ideas?

🧹 Weekly Tasks & Cleaning Up

  • [ ] Review and clear Things inbox
  • [ ] Clear emails and set concrete dates to take action
  • [ ] Clear Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal (answer everything which takes less than 2 min.)

🔜 Going Forward

🥅 Goals

Outline the goals for the week

Share those goals with the Accountability Group.

🗄 Project Goals

Outline the project goals for the week

  • [[📙✍️ Project 1 - Logbook]]
  • [[📘🔬 Project 2 - Logbook]]
  • [[📕🌅 Project 3 - Logbook]]
  • [[📗🏋️‍♂️ Personal Operations - Logbook]]

💥 Any new worthwhile experiments?

[[🚀💥 Experiments]]

☣️ Any hazards this week I should be aware of?

📆 Plan the Week

  • [ ] Schedule sports
  • [ ] Schedule Focusmate sessions
  • [ ] Clarify social events (maybe ask for a hike, walk or dinner)
  • [ ] Any other meetings I need to schedule?