LoRa Seminar Report

Attached my seminar report about the low-power wide-area network technology: LoRa.



The IoT field is fast growing and already reaching and impacting the industry and consumer market. One of the main necessity for an IoT device is the network capability - a wireless network.
As the requirements for wireless IoT networks are different and poses new challenges, a new class of wireless network was developed: the Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). The offered data rate is significantly less compared to traditional networks, like cellular or WiFi, as LPWAN focus on a lower power consumption while maintaining a long range.

LoRa will be presented as an example for a LPWAN. The technical details and the protocol stack will be discussed. The focus is set towards the requirements, how they can be achieved and which compromises have to be made.
Additionally, LoRa will be critical evaluated and the scalability will be discussed, as scalability is an important factor for the IoT.

Lastly, LoRa will be compared to two other technologies in the LPWAN group and the differences will be summarised.

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